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Blackbuck Resort is a perfect setting for those who can snuggle into the blanket of serenity that surrounds the resort
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Located 18km from the city of Bidar in north Karnataka, the Blackbuck resort is concealed behind a barren facade. Tranquillity is the calling of this place which finds a sweet spot between the Honnikeri Reserve Forest and the Vilaspur Lake. Free roaming blackbucks abound in the surrounding grasslands, giving the resort its name. You can savour the unique experience of trailing blackbucks on foot and watch them disappear into thickets. It's not just the Blackbucks; even peacocks that make a sudden appearance can spring a surprise or two.

The surrounding hillocks insulate the resort from the cacophony of the city. Rustic cottages perched on slopes by the shore create a medley of beautiful vistas. It is a perfect setting for those who can snuggle into the blanket of serenity that surrounds the resort. The usually sedate environs come alive when the birds are on song and langurs play along. Visit the Blackbuck Resort to enjoy a lakeside rhapsody while leaving the baggage of urban life behind.

The Surrounding open grasslands are home to a healthy population of Blackbucks. Peacocks are aplenty here. Black-naped hare, Wild boars and porcupines are also found in this region. The common langurs and birds like sandgrouse, doves, robins, red-vented bulbuls, treepies and kites can be spotted in the resort. Cormorants, Kingfishers, egrets and spot-billed ducks are regular visitors to the lake.

Bidar was the capital of the Bahmani Sultans in the 15th century. Persian language, literature and culture flourished under their patronage. The city still treasures remnants of the golden era of the sultans. The Vast Bidar Fort is an impressive monument that serves as the hub for cultural activities even to this glory. Other prominent sites of interest in Bidar include Chowbara (clock tower), Gurudwara Nanak JhiraSaheb, Astur tombs, Chaukhnadi, Baridshahi garden, Madarasa of MehmoodGawan and Narasimha Temple.

Bidar is also known for Bidriware- popular vintage art form of Persia for over 800 years. The resort has 18 spacious cottages dotting the periphery of the lake. The aesthetic cottages have been thoughtfully designed to suit the local weather.

Spanning across three categories the cottages offering a unique view of the pristine lake. All cottages are air- conditioned and those in the special and executive category have thatched roofs to keep their interiors cool.