Perfect setting into the blanket of serenity

Perfect setting into the blanket of serenity

Black Buck Resort - Jungle Lodges, Bidar

Black Buck Resort property of Jungle Resorts and Lodges, Govt of Karnataka. The Resort is just 18 KM from the City of Bidar in North Karnataka.

Black Buck Resort is located between the Honnikeri Reserve Forest and the Vilaspur Lake. The Resort got its name by Black Buck surrounding around the Resort.

You can also view the Black Buck roaming around the Resort. Even Peacocksmake a sudden appearance during the stay in the Resort.

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Accommodation in Black Buck Resort


The resort has 18 spacious cottages dotting the periphery of the lake.

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Programme in Black Buck Resort


The Surrounding open grasslands are home to a healthy population of Blackbucks.

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Perfect setting for those who can snuggle into the blanket of serenity that surrounds the resort

You can savour the unique experience of trailing blackbucks on foot and watch them disappear into thickets

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Black Buck Resort